HDR UK as Data Controller for ICODA

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HDR UK as Data Controller for ICODA

The International COVID-19 Data Alliance (ICODA) is convened by HDR UK. HDR UK will act as a Data Controller in specific limited circumstances for ICODA to enable streamlined research and accelerate discoveries to address the COVID-19 pandemic. This approach will be piloted with the Grand Challenges ICODA pilot projects. As Data Controller HDR UK will have authority to make specific data access decisions, for purposes defined in the Data Contributor Agreement, following our transparent and published processes detailed below.  

We have created the following governance process and documents to enable HDR UK taking on this role: 

  1. Data Contributors will complete the due diligence questionnaire for their data.  
  2. Data Contributors will then sign a Data Contributor Agreement with HDR UK. 
  3. HDR UK will put data processing agreements in place with any requisite Databanks or Trusted Research Environments (TREs) where the data will reside.  
  4. HDR UK will use our published Review Process to ascertain whether researchers are suitable and have a project with public benefit before allowing access to data.  
  5. Approved Researcher’s Institutions will need to sign a Data Access Agreement with HDR.  
  6. Researchers will have to agree to our Workbench Terms of Use before proceeding with their research.  
  7. Any outputs from research are subject to our Output Review Process.  

These documents and processes have been prepared for others to make use of to avoid continual creation of similar processes. You may make use of these documents or processes if you wish. If you do so, please ensure you follow our Attribution Policy. If you have any comments or queries on these documents please email ICODA@hdruk.ac.uk  

We would like to thank Aridhia Informatics, Preva Group, and the SAIL Databank for their support creating and reviewing these documents.  


Supporting documents 

For Data Contributors: 

Due Diligence Questionnaire

Data Contributor Agreement

For Researchers & Research institutions: 

Data Access Agreement

Workbench Terms of Use

Review Process

Output Review Process

Publication Policy

Attribution and acknowledgement policy