Grand Challenges and ICODA announce COVID-19 Data Science Grant Program

| 19/11/2020

Grand Challenges and ICODA are delighted to announce a new Data Science grant program that will focus on addressing major research questions related to COVID 19.  The program will build on both partners’ commitment to building global collaboration, uniting data and developing analysis infrastructure to achieve rapid scientific progress and impact. It aims to enable discoveries that will benefit people everywhere and reduce the harm of the current and future pandemics.

The initiative will be part of the ongoing Grand Challenges Explorations that seek to develop global collaboration and innovative approaches to major health challenges. Projects that are selected will become part of ICODA’s portfolio of Driver Projects. They will contribute to ICODA’s work to build infrastructure, processes and governance that accelerate scientific progress. The initiative also seeks to grow global communities of researchers and involve patients and the wider public.

‘The Grand Challenge ICODA Data Science initiative offers opportunities for researchers to make significant progress on challenges related to COVID-19 and enable a more effective response to current and future pandemics.’
Dr Steven Kern, Deputy Director of Quantitative Sciences, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


‘This new initiative will enable data scientists to collaborate and address major research challenges associated with COVID-19, build global communities and use ICODA’s workbench and tools to achieve major scientific progress and impact.’
Prof Andrew Morris, Director of Health Data Research UK


The Grand Challenge will be formally launched on 17 December 2020. For more information click here