Driver Projects

Driver Projects are exemplar studies where ICODA is working in close partnership with data contributors and the research community. They will both address important research questions and serve to test our processes and tools as we build an approach for the long-term.  Driver Projects allow us to bring together data, make it accessible and generate valuable insights.

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Driver Projects

  • “While we deliver the driver project, we create a thriving research community. Not only do we collaborate with those who have generated the trial data, we work with the data researchers to ensure we have the best thinking to refine our tools and systems. Please get involved, either by providing data from your trial or by signing up to be a qualified researcher."

    Névine Zariffa

    Founder, NMD Group LLC

ICODA has already commenced work on two Driver Projects; each of which will not only achieve their own research goals, but also support the longer-term development of our platform.

The variety of research questions means that each Driver Project has its own characteristics and specific requirements.  In the spirit of open science, all of the outputs and tools that we co-create will be made publicly available.

More driver projects will follow, including opportunities to better understand the disease itself and how it affects different people.

We are launching a Grand Challenge for new Driver Projects at our Inaugural Alliance Forum event.  Make sure you join us on the 19th, or watch the replay for more details on how to apply.