Efficacy and safety of COVID-19 treatments (DP1-EFCT)

What is “Driver Project 1”?

Driver Project 1 is a holistic evaluation of the efficacy and safety of treatments of COVID-19.

Several thousand clinical COVID-19 trials are in progress globally. As these trials are evaluating the benefit/risk of potential COVID-19 treatment options, it is vital that the scientific community can interrogate this data as it emerges.

The summary level data from the most rigorous of these trials across industry, academia and government is being included in the ICODA Workbench. In order to provide near-immediate access to results and data from the trials, ICODA has partnered with Certara to provide curated and digitised summary level data from key trials as they are reported in the public domain. In addition, several data contributing organisations are providing enriched summary-level data within 5-30 days post top-line reporting of the trial results which allows a more in depth evaluation of the results.

ICODA uses a Data Dictionary to harmonise variable definitions and subgroup classifications from all trials. This allows side by side interrogation of the data from these trials making the data readily useable to interpret findings about COVID-19 trials. Researchers can also view data from individual trials in the context of other available trials thus expanding their insights. Our visual analytics and meta-analyses tools further enhance the researchers’ ability to work quickly.

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What will it achieve?

Aggregating this level of summary data and making it accessible in the Workbench means that these important assets will be widely available to the community of researchers, allowing them to more readily interpret findings about COVID-19 trials. Researchers can also view this data in the context of other available evidence, thus expanding their insights.

The more quickly we can give the scientific community access to the data they need, the sooner we can tackle COVID-19 effectively, improve outcomes and save lives.

Where are we now?

The initial data contributors are drawn from the pharmaceutical companies of the COVID-19 R&D Data Alliance who have committed to providing summary-level data from their studies, and discussions are underway with additional companies and academic institutions to do the same. These data contributors are now actively contributing their data into our Workbench for researchers to analyse. With their support, we can strengthen our collective efforts and enable discoveries to help address this global challenge.

If you are interested in joining our community, please get in touch.