We built an inclusive and collaborative Alliance of international partners, who worked together to share best practice and ensured a coordinated approach to improve access to, and scale insights that can be generated from data.

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  • “We are delighted to be part of this COVID-19 Alliance and it’s heartening to see the research community coming together at such a critical time to accelerate the generation of research evidence through data re-use. Having pioneered collaborative data-sharing in resource-limited settings with the global scientific community over the last decade, we know that this is a proven way to translate data into evidence to improve outcomes for patients worldwide.”

    Professor Philippe Guérin

    Director of the Infectious Diseases Data Observatory (IDDO)

The ICODA programme ran from July 2020 to October 2022 and our partners collaborated to:

  • enable a coordinated international response to harness data from multiple sources to address key questions about COVID-19
  • improve harmonisation and reduce the complexity of data sharing
  • share best practice to build a transparent and trustworthy data ecosystem that can be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • promote and facilitate open research and responsible use of data
  • our delivery partners provided technical expertise and support to deliver the Workbench, tooling to help researchers analyse data, infrastructure expertise and hosting.

Our partners included:

ICODA's partnerships

Our Alliance had two main categories of partners:

  • Data Partners who worked with us to make their data accessible to the global community
  • Strategic Partners who contributed valuable expertise in information governance, public engagement, data science, clinical research and technical knowledge and infrastructure

Partners subscribed to our Alliance Principles.

If you are interested in learning more about our partnerships and the partnership strategy we used to effectively and efficiently convene a successful alliance, please contact us.

Data Partners

Central to achieving our vision was supporting partners providing data, to allow access to datasets in a safe and streamlined way.  This ensured that the data was more widely used to generate insights and increase collaborations.  In order to achieve this, we believed that data contributors must be able to choose how their data is made accessible and have confidence that the platform is secure with appropriate data governance is in place.

The Workbench supported the administrative and logistical aspects of providing access to datasets, working in combination with our Gateway. Providing the choice and control over the data-access process, standardising approaches and reducing the burden on the data contributors.  Our robust data governance processes were based on the ‘five safes’ framework.

Our technology was designed so that data contributors experienced a consistent, auditable process on what happened with their datasets throughout a project – a real-time, transparent evidence base of compliance.  It also allowed researchers to access data in a safe way.

As we progressed, we enhanced our tools based on experience and feedback from researchers and data contributors, for example, creating new tools for greater harmonisation, standardised statistical profiling of data, or synthetic previews of data.

For more information contact us.