Webinar: Experiences of building public engagement in health research projects in Latin America and West Africa

| 21/04/2023

Experiences of building public engagement in health research projects in Latin America and West Africa will be the topic of an online seminar presented by partner researchers from Brazil and Ghana. The event will have simultaneous translation in English and Spanish.

Presenting the context and usability of the Public Engagement of Science in public health research in Brazil and Ghana is the purpose of the next webinar. The virtual meeting, to be held on April 27th at 11 a.m. (-3 GMT, Brasilia time), brings together researchers from a global south partnership in an online seminar via Zoom concerning public engagement in science. The objective is to articulate the similarities, the challenges, as well as the development and implementation of practices to advance the theme.

Based on the initiative and collaboration of the Grand Challenges Africa and the Grand Challenges Icoda initiative, the researchers and speakers Maria Yury ichihara (Cidacs/Fiocruz Bahia), Kofi Amegah (Universidade of Cape Coast – Ghana), Luisa Massarani (Fiocruz) and Phyllis Dako-Gyeke (University of Ghana) will share the experience of engagement and the importance of social participation in public health research, without ignoring the context of countries in the Global South on issues of social inequalities.

The topic discussed in the webinar will report the importance of the knowledge and sharing of experiences implemented in the research on public engagement that helped for more in-depth understanding of the investigated problems. Based on the collaboration between both countries, the webinar will feature the exchange of knowledge that will help in the future of public health research to instigate and develop more equitable, ethical and transparent research practices, as well as support for the formulation of future solutions that can help to soften the different social inequalities.

The theme seeks to bring to the discussion the perspective of communitarian engagement and active participation in science, which can help to repair the negligence of the scientific area in participatory issues of other social spheres, such as the participation and listening of public policymakers, as well as communitarian leaders, not being limited only to the perspectives of research peers.

Follow the online transmission of the event through the Youtube channel of the Center for Data Integration and Knowledge for Health (CIDACS).