Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Strategy Workshop, 9 November 2020

| 09/11/2020

Patient and public involvement and engagement (PPIE) in research helps us ensure we undertake research that makes a difference to peoples’ lives.  Patient and public involvement and engagement is central to our ways of working and we aim to establish a secure role for this within our international research community.

ICODA hosted an online workshop on the 9 November 2020 which was co-chaired by Dr Bella Starling.  The primary aim of the workshop was to draw on participants’ insights to ensure that the strategy developed for the Alliance had the needs of patients and the public at the centre of its approach to international data collaborations.

The event was attended by 12 international participants who represented a range of subject matter experts with practical experience and expertise of public and patient involvement and community engagement around the world as well as patient and lay representatives.  Following an introduction to ICODA and the value ICODA places on PPIE, the group explored priorities to help shape ICODA’s PPIE strategy. The attendees also learned about one of ICODA’s research initiatives – Driver Project 2 – International Perinatal Outcomes in the Pandemic  .  The event concluded with a session on implementing ICODA’s PPIE strategy and what the next steps should be in order to ensure meaningful lay involvement in this international initiative.

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To help ensure our work has the trust and confidence of patients and public globally, we want to work with the public and patients to ensure this happens every step of the way.

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“A diverse and inclusive public involvement community is vital if research is relevant to population needs and provides better health outcomes for all.  Working effectively with the the public and patients and advocates from a wide range of different cultural contexts is essential to the work of ICODA and key to achieving their aims of delivering world-leading research that is transparent and demonstrates trustworthiness.”

Bella Starling, BSc, Dip, PhD

Co-Director of Public Programmes / Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow