Open Science and Data Sharing to Address COVID-19

| 15/01/2021

An article, published last month in Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science, describes the value of making data available from randomised clinical trials to inform COVID-19 research. The International COVID-19 Data Alliance (ICODA), an independent consortium of leading life science, philanthropic and research organisations, is championing data sharing as a powerful mechanism to support the response to the pandemic. Having established ICODA’s approach to responsible data sharing for the assessment of treatments of COVID19 (one of the ICODA projects), the article makes recommendations to facilitate access to data and open science for new trials.

The paper is authored by Névine Zariffa, member of ICODA’s leadership team and founder of NMD Group LLC; Jonas Häggström, chair of the ICODA Statistical Expert Group and VP of Global Health at Cytel; Franck Rockhold, Professor of Biostatistics and Bioninformatics at Duke Clinical Research Institute, Duke University Medical Centre and member of the ICODA Strategic and Scientific Advisory Group.

Click here to read the full article or download it here.