Letter published in the Lancet on International Perinatal outcomes in the Pandemic (iPOP) Study

| 07/11/2020

The International Perinatal outcomes in the Pandemic (iPOP) Study is a multi-country initiative that is also a key Driver Project for ICODA.  A letter about their initiative has been published as part of the Lancet Small Vulnerable Newborn Series.

Preterm birth is the leading cause of infant mortality worldwide, but the underlying causes are largely unknown.  During the COVID-19 lockdowns, unprecedented reductions both in preterm birth rates (up to 90% in Denmark) and also in very low birth weight (70% in Ireland) have been reported – at the same time, data from Nepal show an opposite trend, and increases in stillbirth.  It is critical to evaluate these trends globally using high quality data, and to understand the underlying cause(s).

The International Perinatal Outcomes in the Pandemic (iPOP) Study is the second Driver Project supported by ICODA.  It currently spans 40 countries and brings together data and expertise in perinatology, epidemiology, environmental science, intersectional feminism, and data science.

A Letter to the Lancet Series on Small Vulnberable Newborns has been published.  A Lancet Series is a timely initiative to catalyse this paradigm shift in the approach to perinatal research globally.  To learn more, visit the article at Enabling a healthy start for vulnerable newborns, 27 October 2020.  Stock, S J et al (2020) The Lancet.  Article

Visit this page to learn more about the iPOP Study