Grand Challenges ICODA COVID-19 Data Science pilot initiative: content from the workshop

| 08/01/2021

Further to our announcement of the Grand Challenges ICODA COVID-19 Data Science pilot initiative for research studies to accelerate progress on addressing COVID-19 through data science, we hosted an online information workshop on 07 January 2021. Researchers from a wide range of organisations and over 140 countries around the world registered for the workshop. Some of the main points on the agenda were:

– An overview of the Grand Challenges ICODA COVID-19 Data Science pilot initiative, and what we are looking for in applications
– An outline of the longer-term vision for the Global Grand Challenges data science initiatives and how this pilot will contribute
– How the ICODA Workbench and tools, as well as other resources that we will make available to Grantees, will enable and support the selected research studies
– Further information on the terms of the grant awards and what will be supported

A recording of the event is below, and the presentation slides are available here.

How will we continue the conversation?

We were delighted with the high level of engagement and the large number of questions we received. We answered as many as we could during the workshop and will be sending out responses to all the questions early next week.

During the workshop, many attendees used the chat to seek out potential partners. We also received questions asking if we can facilitate potential applicants who are interested in forming partnerships. We are delighted to announce that we have set up a collaborative website on a platform called a Synapse to help those who would like to build partnerships to support their applications.

We will also be using Synapse to post answers to your questions going forward so please sign up to join the Synapse community so you can see these answers as soon as they are added. Please also now use Synapse to raise any additional questions so we can respond more efficiently and make this information available to the entire community.

A great way to stay connected with ICODA and informed on this grant initiative is also via our social media pages, please join us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.